Monday, 24 December 2012

The Swagbucks Challenge Is Over

For the last few weeks I have been battling it out in the Tots 100 Swagbucks Challenge and I am really happy to announce that I am the winner!  It wasn't easy, but with some dedication and a bit of effort I earned over 19,000 Swagbucks which equates to over £100 in Amazon vouchers!  Not bad going for about half an hour to an hour a day whilst I was online, filling out surveys and watching videos.  As the challenge winner I win an extra £250 on top of the voucher that I earned which is going to be a huge help this Christmas.

Even now the challenge is over, I intend to continue using Swagbucks to earn rewards that I can redeem for vouchers.  I am going to save them up for my Christmas 2013 fund!

Swagbucks really is a great way of earning a little extra just by dedicating a bit of the time you spend online to completing tasks.  A daily survey along with a few extra Swagbucks earned by watching videos, playing games, taking part in polls and doing internet searches using the Swagbucks search engine, allows you to reach your daily target putting you on track to earn valuable rewards.

When other people sign up using your referral link, you get matched points for the Swagbucks that they earn by doing searches.  It is a great way of earning extra Swagbucks and helps build a community where you can share tips and hints which helps everyone get the most out of Swagbucks.  You can sign up using my link at and I'd be happy to help anyone out to get started!

I would recommend this reward scheme to anyone who spends time online and who has some spare minutes that they can use to dedicate to earning Swagbucks.  On a good day it is really easy to hit your target and this earns you bonuses.  Some days are not as easy, but every single Swagbuck earned helps your total grow until you can redeem them for rewards such as vouchers for stores such as New Look, M & S or Amazon.

It is free to join Swagbucks so there really is nothing to lose by giving it a go and hopefully earning some extras for your family in the process!


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