Monday, 3 December 2012

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful! So Stay Warm!

Morphy Richards Washable King Size Fleece Heated Under Blanket Review

When I heard I was getting a heated blanket from Morphy Richards to review as part of the Innovators program, I was really not sure what to expect.  My preconceived idea on electric blankets is born from the 70's when old people had scratchy plug in blankets to protect them from the cold in their unheated houses.  However, after having used the Morphy Richards King Size Fleece Heated Under Blanket, my view has completely changed.  It's one of the best things I've ever reviewed!

The fleecy fitted blanket fits snugly onto the mattress.  There is no evidence of the ultra thin, energy efficient nano wires that are woven into the blanket to transmit the heat through it.  It just feels like a luxurious furry fleece.  My usual fitted sheet went over the underblanket with ease.

The underblanket is dual controlled with four heat settings to choose from.  I really feel the cold whereas Ian is less bothered by the chilly nights.  I hate getting into a cold bed and as I usually get in before Ian does, I have to endure freezing feet until the bedclothes warm up.  Not any more!!

The underblanket heats up the bed perfectly.  Having dual controls means I can turn my side up to the  maximum setting and Ian can set his at a lower temperature.  Getting in feels like climbing onto a giant hot water bottle.  Extra heat at the foot of the bed keeps your feet extra warm. It is wonderful!  (It has built in safety features and will shut off if it gets too hot.)

As you warm up, you can turn the temperature down using the controller and the blanket maintains a gentle warmth to keep you completely cosy all night long.  This luxury costs from just 2p per night so it is totally affordable.   This underblanket is definitely going to be my favourite winter item!

The underblanket is machine washable and tumble dryer safe and comes with a storage bag to keep it safely stowed away over the summer months.  It also comes with a 3 year guarantee.

The King Size Fleece Underblanket is £64.99 on the Morphy Richards website.  The single size costs £34.99 and the double size costs £44.99. Other styles are also available with prices staring at just £19.99.

I would highly recommend this item to anyone who like me does not like getting into a chilly bed!  In fact I am going to get one for Freddy's bed, to warm it up before he gets in, as he is terrible at kicking off his duvet, getting cold and ending up in bed with us every night.  This may be the solution!

It would be a great Christmas gift idea too.  Perfect for elderly relatives or kids alike to keep them super snuggly this winter!


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