Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Learn to Swim with Speedo Sea Squad

Giving your child the gift of being able to swim gives them a fun way to keep fit and could also one day prove life saving.  However 40% of UK children cannot swim at all according to independent research.  A quarter of parents think that schools and the government should be accountable for teaching their children to swim and three quarters of children have never had a proper lesson or been taught by their parents.  In a bid to get parents and children to go to the pool together Speedo has teamed up with Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington to give some top tips on learning to swim.

1:  Get your child used to water at an early age.
2:  Take your child swimming with someone they trust and feels safe with such as an older sibling to boost their confidence and make them feel safe.
3:  Make it fun!
4:  Play games and activities together.
5:  Get the child used to water slowly.  Start by splashing in the bath.  When ready get into pool one step at a time.
6:  Persistence is key - keep going even if it doesn't go well at first or else a child could end up with a fear of water.
7:  Use good swimming aids.
8:  When ready, buy professional lessons from an instructor your child likes.

For more information check out the Speedo Sea Squad who help make learning to swim as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1  Start Splashing
2  Start Swimming
3  Get Confident

For each stage Speedo has a range of dedicated products as well as ideas for recommended activities.  These help children develop their water skills and guide parents through the whole process of teaching their child to swim.

We were sent a selection of Speedo products for 3 year old Freddy.  I have to admit, although he is quite confident in the water, he hasn't learned to swim yet.  Just looking at the gorgeous range of swim related goodies has made me feel inspired to take him swimming more often.

swimming, children

The range features the Sea Squad who are a gang of water loving characters.  Freddy loves Bubble Baby!  The products are really appealing and child-friendly as well as being practical and inspiring.

For water babies, Speedo stock a Sea Squad swim seat, aqua nappy and snug, hooded baby towel.  Once children start to swim there is a range of arm bands, floats, float suits and swim vests to help them to float with confidence and paddle safely.  The arm bands are non-PVC and are extra safe.  The float suits give unrestricted freedom of movement allowing children to focus on their arms and legs. As confidence grows, children can get adventurous using kick boards, water balls, diving toys and masks.  The toys help develop co-ordination, hone skills, encourage diving underwater and make swimming fun!

Speedo's Sea Squad Mask gives kids a window to the underwater world using Biofuse technology.  They are designed for children aged 2-6 using super soft gel-materials for comfort and flexibility.  They are so comfortable that kids forget they are wearing them so they are not distracted by trapped hair or discomfort around their eyes and nose.  The mask has a single plastic front for full visibility so won't need adjusting. (RRP £15)

The Sea Squad Poncho Towel is brilliantly designed to keep children warm and snug.  It is very absorbent and gentle on delicate skin and easy to pull on. It will keep children cosy at the pool edge and won't fall down like a towel might.  I absolutely love the shorts and t-shirt swim suit that Freddy has been sent.  Again the Sea Squad design is excellent and the style is great.  It will protect him if we swim outdoors in the summer months.

I am looking forward to teaching my son to swim.  We have two holidays booked for the first half of next year and it would be great for him to enjoy the pool as a little swimmer. I will post about how we get on and give updates on the products in use.  Kizzy is not a strong swimmer but I can see the water balls and diving sticks inspiring her to be a bit braver when it comes to being in the water.  It really is an excellent range and the Sea Squad brand makes it more appealing and exciting for youngsters.

Swimming is actually a great activity to do in the winter in a heated indoor pool.  It can help combat the winter blues by producing endorphins, it improves circulation, burns energy and helps keep us fit.  So, during the Christmas school holidays why not take your family swimming?  It will help burn off all those excess calories from mince pies and Christmas pudding!

Speedo Sea Squad products would make excellent Christmas presents too, along with the promise of taking the kids swimming and teaching them to swim.  It's a gift that will last a lifetime!

For tips, advice, fun and games, ideas for activities, to purchase Sea Squad products and to find out more see the Speedo website.


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