Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wow! Meet Tow Truck Tim

We were so thrilled to be sent another brilliant Wow! Toy to add to Freddy's collection.  This is a brand that we hold in very high esteem.  The colourful, imaginatively designed, robust, chunky toys inspire great imaginative play and withstand the demands of a hard playing toddler or pre-schooler. 

We received Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray, a fabulous lorry and car combo.  It has thirteen features including a retractable tow rope with magnetic coupling for recovering the car onto the back of the truck.  The windscreens lift up to let the drivers in and a button launches the car down the ramp.  It has fun sounds, motorised movement and  comes with two figures.  As with all the Wow! Toys it requires no batteries.

Wow Toys,

Freddy absolutely loved Tim from the moment he saw the box.  The toys are so friendly looking and oozing child appeal.  Little hands can explore everything without the worry of pulling anything off or breaking something.

I was so interested to see how the way Freddy played with this toy differed from how he first played with his Wow! toys.  He instantly created a story with the female tow truck driver rescuing the business man in his car.  The figures interacted with each other, collecting tools, rescuing the car and whizzing off together.  His imaginative play has gone to a new level.  It was a joy to watch him. The Wow! vehicles and characters inspired him to engage in a fantastic role play scenario that kept him engaged.  Any toy that does this gets a big thumbs up from me.

I love how the hero of the story is the woman saving the man!  I love even more that Freddy does not question this scenario!

Daddy, is a huge fan of Freddy's Wow! collection and calls the range "genius".  He thought the button controlled retractable tow rope was an excellent addition to the toy and spent quite a long time 'testing' it!  

Wow! Toys really do allow play to evolve.  Toddlers will adore them as much as pre-schoolers will.  The type of play changes as the children get older and the games get more imaginative, more involved and incorporate more role play.

Here is a quick video of Freddy playing (excuse the lack of trousers!)  He doesn't much like being videoed so I had to sneak this little clip but it gives a little glimpse into his world of play.

Find out more about Tow Truck Tim who is available from Amazon for £27.99.

The range is just perfect for presents for both boys and girls. Wow! Toy's don't break their promises!


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