Friday, 14 December 2012

'The Motherhood' Rap

If you are a mum, you will relate to this video!  "The Motherhood" is a sharp witted rap about the trials and tribulations of being a mum.  The humour is extremely well observed and has a refreshing frankness that had me nodding my head in agreement more than once!

As mums we all live in the 'hood' with our 'babes' where we wipe noses, clean up sick, eat leftover food, rake nits, do school runs and bake fairy cakes, having given up our bodies, often compromising on our style and losing a lot of our pre-baby freedom.  The clever wording definitely seems to understand and convey the life of a mum! This rap both celebrates motherhood and sympathises with some of the things us mums have to go through such as sleepless nights, doctor's queues, expressing milk and having episiotomies!  It is a no-holds barred account of motherhood.

This really is a funny video that speaks volumes to me as a mum.  I particularly love the line "I'm flooding up your timeline with my baby news" ... guilty as charged!  And when my grandson is born I'll have even more baby related posts and photos to share across social media so watch out! 

The kids in the video are really cute little scene stealers.  The little boy pours a pot of fromage frais into his mum's laptop in one scene in the video.  This is something that is all too often an almost reality in my house.  Just last week we had an orange juice spilled into Ian's work laptop - oops!

This is an engaging and very funny video with attitude that really does tell it how it is.  It's well worth a watch!

Brought to you  in conjunction with the Fiat 500


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