Friday, 7 December 2012

Family Winter Walks

The beach is usually seen as a summer destination, but during the winter months the seaside can be a magical destination for a beautiful brisk walk that is incredibly invigorating.  The coast takes on a completely different complexion when the tourist industry shuts up shop.  The beachfront ice cream vendors and souvenir shops no longer infuse their brand of cheap and cheerful tackiness into the environment.  Things are stripped back to the rawness of nature.

The brisk chill in the air, the sound of the icy waves crashing onto the shore and the feel of the stones under your booted feet is a world away from the experience of holiday season. There are no crowds to contend with.  The only noises are the seagulls, the wind and the sounds of the sea.  It is so peaceful, devoid of human activity, and makes you feel at one with the environment.

Getting out with the kids on a winter, beachfront walk is simply wonderful.  They throw stones into the surf, they search for rocks that are interestingly shaped and breathe in the fresh air, watching their own exhaled breath hang in the air like mist.  The coldness prickles at your face and you can taste the salt on your lips.  

Wrapped up cosily against the chill air keeps us protected from the cold but we are still ready to find a cafe in town to buy some hot chocolate.

Seeing places and experiencing them in all weathers really makes you appreciate nature in all its different guises.  Winter adds its own brand of beauty and it's ours to enjoy.

seaside, Bognor
Bognor Beach in December


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