Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Molehill Mania Review

Mattel's Molehill Mania is the madcap game that young children will have seen on the TV ads and be asking Santa to bring them for Christmas.  The game based on the Whack-a-Mole idea is fast and furious and fun for little ones.  We were sent one to try out.

mattel games

The moles are placed into the molehill play set.  There are two levers on the base that need to be whacked using the mallets to launch out the moles.  By bopping the moles with the mallet, they are collected into the head of the mallet.  The one with the most moles wins.

It is easy to play and so little ones can get stuck right in.  It is a game that does not require batteries and comes fully assembled which means you can play as soon as it is out of the box.

However...this is the noisiest game ever invented!  The whacking on the levers and the whacking to pick up the moles is relentless.  The flying moles go everywhere, sliding across the laminate.  We have lost so many under the sofa already.  Also, although the moles are very easy to pick up with the mallet, they are tricky to get out again which can cause a bit of frustration.  Over zealous hammering can also result in bashed fingers.

If you can cope with noise and lost moles, this is nevertheless a lot of fun.  Freddy loved playing it because he is a boy who likes hitting things!  It would be a great gift idea for someone else's kids!!

Our Opinion: It is a novelty toy that will illicit squeals of delight and laughter...just have the ear plugs at the ready!


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