Monday, 17 December 2012

Wizards vs Aliens Review

From the creative force behind Doctor Who and Torchwood, Russell T. Davies, comes a brand new series, Wizards vs Aliens.  The series is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from December 31st 2012 and episodes are available on iTunes now, courtesy of  Freemantle Enterprises.

DVD, Russell T Davies

The CBBC's fantasy adventure follows 16 year old Tom, who seems like a normal teenager but is actually a wizard who secretly uses his magic to excel at football (as any modern day wizard would!) .  His secret is safe until the alien Nekross arrive on Earth looking to devour magic and keen on causing chaos.

Tom's geeky friend, science super-brain Benny, helps him take on the challenge of stopping the evil alien attackers.  Can the two unlikely heroes succeed or will the Nekross consume all the magic of Earth with disastrous results for the planet?

Kizzy, aged 10, has been watching this series as we were sent a copy to review.  The show has a young cast who give a great performance in this exciting sci-fi story.  They are determined to defeat the marauding Nekross who are set on destroying the wizards to sate their own appetites.

Kizzy says the story is really thrillng and has her on the edge of her seat.  There is humour entwined into the drama which she enjoys.  The story also contains some sad elements and has some dark parts, but Kizzy said it isn't too scary!  The King of the Nekross (voiced by Brian Blessed)  is a horrible, mean character who is intent on destruction.  Kizzy particularly loves to hate him!

The combination of magic and science is a really refreshing combination giving a young audience a sophisticated series to enjoy with all the creative genius of Doctor Who and Torchwood in a format that they will really enjoy.  Kizzy is riveted to the series and loves the characters of Benny and Tom.  Wizards vs Aliens will really appeal to fans of the Sarah Jane Adventures which was a Doctor Who spin off for kids.  Kizzy loved that series and says that Wizards vs Aliens has a similar feel to it.

The effects and the settings are really good for kids' TV and the characters are great.  It's nice to see a well made children's TV series that doesn't patronise kids.  It is a very entertaining series with good storytelling  and Kizzy gives it a big thumbs up.

The show has a certificate PG and has 12 episodes which gives 360 minutes of great family entertainment.
The RRP of the DVD is £24.99 or £29.99 on Blu-Ray, however Amazon is selling the DVD for £17.99.


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