Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hand Print Angel Christmas Cards

I love doing Christmas arts and crafts with the children.  This year we have made hand print angels using 3 year old Freddy's lovely little hands to make prints for the body and wings.  They make a lovely keepsake, and a perfect card for grandparents and other loved ones.

It's really easy and lots of fun to do!
  1. Put some poster paints onto plates.
  2. Using one colour, paint the hand and make a print onto the paper.
  3. Wash hand!
  4. Using another colour, paint the hand and make two prints, one on either side of the first one, to make wings.
  5. Using their finger, the child can make a circle by swirling a blob of paint for the face.
  6. Use little fingerprints to make the hair.
  7. When dry, put on some stick on googlie eyes.
  8. Draw on a smiley mouth.
  9. Cut out and stick to the front of a card.
Christmas, art

I love this activity because pre-schoolers are able to do the majority of the artwork themselves with just  a little guidance. Keeping hands clean between colours is really important!  Freddy really enjoyed making his cards with a little help from daddy.  It is such a fun craft idea and the end result is a lovely way to preserve their hand prints forever.

Here is one we mounted on some funky leopard print card, his Nana's favourite design!  I think she'll love it!

Christmas, cards

Or you can use plain white card and let your pre-schooler brighten it up with some stick-on stars or glitter!

Christmas, cards


Another craft project that Freddy loved doing was making footprint Rudolphs.  He loved the squishy squashy feeling of paint between his toes!  He then used his thumb print for a nose and finger painted antlers. Googlie eyes finished the pictures!

crafts, Christmas

This is my entry into the Moneysupermarket Christmas Card Craft Off.


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