Sunday, 2 December 2012

How To Earn Rewards With Swagbucks

I am one of the Tots 100 Swagbuck Bloggers who has been spending the last week earning Swagbucks online by doing surveys, watching videos, doing searches, shopping online and claiming the odd special offer.

So far in just over a week I have accrued  over 8000 SB's which is well on the way to me being able to redeem my total against a £50 voucher for Amazon.  That'll come in handy for Christmas!

Everyday I have checked my dashboard and made a note of my daily target.  By hitting these targets you get bonus points added to your account once a month.  Taking a survey a day (which can take up to 25 minutes to complete and can be frustrating if you get disqualified part way through) will give you the bulk of your target.  So trying to find a trusted survey to do daily is a good way of earning regular Swagbucks.  Other SBs can be earned by watching videos on Swagbucks TV.  Most videos are very short and some are actually really entertaining so it's not a problem to watch them (I've watched a fair few Hunny Boo Boo videos!)  Using Swagbucks as a search engine rewards you with bonus points periodically which is an easy way of getting SB's whilst doing searches for what you normally look for online.  The amount you get and how often you are rewarded is random, and sometimes Swagbucks does a special promotion where you can win big!

The Special Offers section gives you some ways of earning SB's for taking up promotions from other companies.  For example, if you fancy playing online bingo you can sign up and get SB's for doing so.  There are also links to some shops which reward you for creating a account and making a purchase.

The Shop and Earn section rewards you for buying from stores such as The Body Shop and Argos giving a number of SB's per pound spent.  This is useful at this time of year.  I got some goodies for my girls from the Body Shop online and by clicking through the link on the Swagbuck's site, I earned SB's for my shopping!

Referrals are a good way to get SB's as you get matched points (up to 1000 SB's)  for SB's earned through searches.  But to benefit you really need your referrals to be active and doing daily searches.

Liking the Facebook page and following the Twitter feed is a good way of finding out handy tips, bonus codes and special offers to boost your balance, plus you get to chat to like minded money savers, enter discussions and take part in fun competitions!  Other members often post when special codes are published or give information on good deals so it's well worth checking it out.

My experience so far is mostly very positive and I am enjoying hitting my daily targets.  It gives me a sense of Swagbucking satisfaction!  The total I have raised so far is very impressive and the rewards are really worthwhile.

If you want to sign up to Swagbucks you can sign up here using my referral code.  I'll be more than happy to pass on tips to get you going and hopefully you will be able to earn some extra spends for Christmas too!


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