Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 - Hello to 2013!

Following an eventful 2012, we have thankfully survived the Mayan end-of-world predictions and are now poised at the threshold of a brand new year, 2013.

2012 has seen a lot of changes, some good, some not so good.

There have been some devastating tragedies that have made me take stock of my own life and hold my loved ones a little closer. I have shed so many tears and felt such sadness at times.  But there have also been some wonderful experiences, brilliant opportunities and joyous events that we have celebrated. I have laughed hard and had such fun making memories.

These days, I am not one to dwell on the negatives.  I finally see that the glass is never half empty ... it's always got air in it so the volume of liquid is irrelevant, it is always full!!  Life is so very precious.

I have learned a lot in 2012.

My family has been the cornerstone to my happiness this year.  I am so blessed to have really great parents who we are able to lavish love and attention on during their fortnightly visits.  The kids adore them and I am so happy to have seen the relationship between my mum and dad and my children flourish in 2012.  Making memories that they will cherish forever is something very special.

I have a wonderful nephew and niece, Tom and Kate, who mean the world to me.  I have been lucky enough to see them both this year and meet their respective other halves, Ashley and Mike.  I wish all four of them an amazing 2013 filled with everything they wish for.

I am so thankful to all the other people that have helped make 2012 so special for us all.  I hope to continue to surround myself with their love and friendship in 2013.

My own children make me proud everyday.  They are amazing and I am so honoured to be their mother.  They inspire me to do better.  To be better. They define me.  I adore each and every one of my wonderful children.

Finding the right college for Ella and the right nursery for Freddy has been a huge factor is ensuring my kids' happiness this year.  Being empowered to make changes has been so beneficial to us all.  No longer will I ever sit back and accept situations. Things don't have to stay the same.  If something isn't working, we can change it for the better.  Anything that allows negativity into our lives does not need to be tolerated.  I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that my loved ones are happy.

My marriage is a gift that I am blessed with.  The relationship I have with Ian is the thing that keeps me grounded, gives me confidence and strength.  By nurturing our relationship we become better people and better parents. I love my husband who is my best friend in the whole world.

The arrival of our first grandson on December 17th has changed the dynamic of our family in such a positive way, bringing such joy to myself and Ian, as well as to his doting aunties and Uncle Freddy and to his great grandparents who were all so delighted to meet him.  Baby Ted is a beautiful boy.  Seeing Joe as a daddy fills my heart with love and pride. We have so many wonderful adventures awaiting us in 2013.

I am entering 2013 with a happy heart and a positive outlook.

Happy New Year to everyone. x

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