Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dealing with Some Common Christmas Problems!

No, I'm not taking about when the in-laws show up unexpectedly or when you forget to defrost your turkey! The problems I am referring to are those of head lice and halitosis!   Christmas parties at the kids' school can result in lots of excitable huddles of small children providing the ideal situation for head lice to transfer from one head to the next.  And the change in diet for grown ups involving rich food and alcohol can lead to a case of bad breath.  Both of these unpleasant situations can however be easily remedied so as not to spoil the big day!

Head Lice - Unwanted Christmas Guests

head lice

Hedrin provides an effective treatment against the nuisance of head lice to stop the infestation from spreading throughout the family.  The Treat and Go range is a fuss free solution that is quick and easy to use and allows kids to carry on with their day while the ingredients get to work.  It is a very convenient method of dealing with the uninvited guests, particularly useful when you want a simple method of dealing with the problem.

Hedrin uses a physical method of killing head lice rather than a chemical pesticide solution so no resistance is built up and effficacy is not diminished.  It is also free from solvents so will not affect children with asthma.

The Treat and Go mousse can be applied to hair and allowed to dry.  After eight hours it can be washed out.  A second treatment can be carried out a week later.  Other treatments are available from Hedrin to suit your needs and the website has plenty of advice.

Hedrin products are available from pharmacies, pharmacy counters and medicine aisles in store. The Treat and Go Mousse is £12.99 RRP and perfect for treating an unexpected infestation.

Bad Breath - Say Good-bye to Halitosis!

mouthwash, halitosis

Research reveals that 71% of us would want to be told if we had bad breath, yet only 29% of us would tell someone that they had bad breath!  That means a lot of people will be blissfully ignorant of their breath so we should all be pro-active in trying to keep our breath smelling sweet!

At Christmas we all enjoy the festive fayre and tend to eat out more and go to parties and meet lots of people.  This can cause anxiety if we are worrying about bad breath.  Some mouthwashes tend to mask the smell rather than actually combatting the problem.  CB12 is a new, unique and long lasting mouth rinse proven to prevent and treat bad breath.  It neutralises the substances and processes involved in causing bad breath, combating the volatile sulphur compound gases that create the problem.  It is effective for 12 hours following a 30 second gurgle.

This is a real breakthrough product for people suffering from bad breath.  This year they won't have to worry about who they will be kissing under the mistletoe!

CB12 is available in both Mint/Menthol and Mild flavours and a 250ml bottle (25 x 10ml treatments) costs £14.59 RRP.

I was sent both products to keep my family's festive headlice and halitosis at bay!


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