Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Son and My Grandson

Seeing my son Joe cradling his own son Ted in his arms was simply a perfect moment.  The look of love and pride on Joe's face reflected my own feelings for him that I have felt from the very first moment that I held him in my arms 24 years ago.   

Now my own son is a daddy to his own dear little boy, he finally understands the depth of emotions that we as parents feel. He now truly understands how I feel about him.  It is overwhelming to share the emotions of parenthood with your own child.  Watching him walk the path that I have walked since the day he was born.  Knowing that he would do anything for that little boy, as I would do anything for him.

As a new generation of our family is born, I feel so blessed to have my five wonderful children and my beautiful baby grandson in my life.  It's the beginning of a whole new adventure for us all.

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My Son and My Grandson
Little Ted has his daddy's profile; his nose, his brow and his chin.  Looking at his lovely little face is a lot like looking at Joe's baby photos!  I can't wait to watch him grow up and see the relationship between my son and his little boy develop. I feel like I've done my job, equipping my own child to become a parent and I am just so proud of how he is coping in his new role. 

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Joe As A Baby!

Little Ted is going to be surrounded by a very loving family with lots of aunties and uncles on both sides ready to lavish love and attention on him.  Freddy is so proud being an uncle.  It is wonderful to witness everyone take on their new position in the family!  Ian and I are looking forward to being grandparents to this lovely little boy, our first grandchild.  We are truly honoured to have such a wonderful family.

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Kizzy, Ted and Freddy


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