Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cityville Monopoly

Zynga games have brought some of the most popular online social games to this generation.  Monopoly is a classic, traditional board game.  What happens when these two worlds collide?

Hasbro Games have explored this idea, producing a range of physical games inspired by the most popular  virtual ones.  I have been sent Cityville Monopoly to try out, a modern re-imagining of a family favourite.


The aim of the game is to build the city of your dreams by buying properties, building houses, businesses and community spaces.  You get to develop neighbourhoods how you want them, raising cash with a view to becoming a business tycoon.  It is important to keep your citizens happy and you can decorate your properties with Mystery Gifts to make the rent higher.  You can also share these with your neighbours.  The first to build four skyscrapers from the stacking building pieces wins the game.

The properties are straight from the online game.  You can buy properties such as the toy store, video game store, Tonga Towers, Platinum Tower or Chuggin' Dustin's Station.  You collect cash for passing go, just like in the traditional version and pay out Zoning Permit Fees.

Hasbro, Cityville

The buildings are stackable and you can start building on acquiring your first property. This really speeds the game along and it is very fast paced.  The neighbourhoods are built up in the centre of the board, rather than going on the edge of the board, creating a city of your own making  .  You can buy, sell and trade properties like a real business tycoon.

Although the idea is very new, the traditional aspects of Monopoly (the silver play pieces, Jail, Go, Free Parking, cash, property cards, real cash etc.) are still very much an integral part of the game.  It is nice to see the combination of the old and the new working together in this original game with a Cityville theme.

Having the goal of building four skyscrapers means that there is a definite ending point to the game, which avoids those neverending board games where fortunes rise and fall and no-one ever quite wins outright.  It is quicker paced as you don't need to wait to start building your city.  The gameplay allows much more customisation and creativity making it arguably more fun for kids than the original version.  But it is enough like the original to keep those of us who still love it happy!  

The game is for 4 players aged 8 and up and is a great family game with a modern twist!

Hasbro have a range of Zynga based games available now to please fans of the traditional and the virtual!

Words With Friends - £19.99
Draw Something – £19.99 
CityVille Monopoly - £21.99 
FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd - £19.99 


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