Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Tree Baubles from Wilkinson

I love Wilkinson as they always stock a fabulous range of products at great prices.  Their seasonal aisles are always lovely to browse as they have lots of good value items.  This Christmas there are some brilliant presents, tableware and decorations.  We were sent some decorations for our Christmas tree.  They were all in whites and silvers in different sizes with different textures and effects.  We received some individual baubles and some boxes of twelve small ones.

We added them to the tree, which is already a mix and match spectacular of many designs and colours!  Freddy helped me to hang the ready strung baubles.  His favourites were the small white glittery baubles (12 for £2.50) and the individual reflective silver one which reflects sparkly rainbow colours(£1.50).


If you want to add some extra decorations to your tree this year, or if you want to buy a complete matching theme for your tree, Wilkinson definitely has some lovely stuff in store!  Or you can shop online at with delivery to your home or to your nearest Wilko's.


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