Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Our Gingerbread House

I am not the most talented or creative cook out there, but I do love baking with my kids.  I've always wanted to try to make a gingerbread house with them but figured it was a bit out of my league.  When I saw that Lakeland were selling silicone moulds I had to get myself down there to buy myself one.  I was a little bit ridiculously excited at the prospect of building a little house with Ella, Kizzy and Freddy out of gingerbread and sweeties!

We followed the recipe on the pack and pressed the dough into the moulds before cooking it.  It was easy enough for me and my team to do!
gingerbread, Christmas

When it was cool we turned it out and stuck it together with some thick icing.  We only had a few slight subsidence issues!  When it was set solid, I set Kizzy and Freddy loose on it with chocolate buttons and Jelly Tots and a tube of icing.


They really enjoyed doing it and had so much fun.  I loved Fred's colour co-ordinated windows!  

Breaking it apart to eat was just as enjoyable and it tasted really good.  This is definitely going to be a new family tradition!

Lakeland, Christmas


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