Friday, 14 December 2012

Swagbucks Update - My Warts 'n' All Summary

Today is the last day of the Tots 100 Swagbucks challenge.  I have spent 3 weeks conducting searches, watching videos, filling out surveys, playing games and performing tasks.  I've done some Christmas shopping online and even dabbled with a casino website (never, ever again on that one!!)  For doing all these things, I have been rewarded with enough Swagbucks to add £100 of Amazon vouchers to my Christmas spending fund.  That, by anyone's standards, is pretty easy money!

Sometimes, I'm not going to lie, Swagbucks can be a bit of a pain.  Somedays you get disqualified for every available survey.  Some special offers don't credit.  Some purchases fail to track. However, the customer service is very efficient and nearly every issue I have had has been resolved quickly.  As long as you keep confirmation emails or take screen shots as evidence, Swagbucks earned will be honoured.

There are lots of special offers to get extra Swagbucks which is a great way of getting started, but once you have done all the relevant ones, your potential to earn big quickly goes down.  Unless you like gambling, which is a sure fire way of getting lots of Swagbucks when you sign up and make a deposit to the csasino, bingo or scratchcard sites.  This is not for me though.

I will definitely continue with my Swagbucking, although on a lesser scale.  I will hit my daily targets which basically equates to one survey a day and a few extra bits which will add up to nice rewards throughout the year.  Everytime you hit a target you get a bonus which accumulates and gets credited once a month which is a good way of topping up your total.

Swagbucks UK is still in its early days compared to in America where people are earning huge amounts of Swagbucks and cashing them in for rewards galore.  So getting involved now may prove very lucrative in the long term.

As for the competition, it's still anyone's game.  I am doing well but know that the other challengers could well have lots of points pending which will put them into the winning spot.  Regardless of the end result, I still have a very nice £100 voucher coming my way so I have no complaints!

I definitely recommend Swagbucks to anyone who spends a lot of time online.  It's free to join, it's easy to do and it genuinely earns you rewards.  It takes a bit of effort, but I have genuinely enjoyed some of the more creative surveys I have done.

You can sign up here on my referral link if you want to join the reward scheme.  I'm happy to share tips!


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