Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pinch, Punch First Day of the Month

At last, the dismal month that was January is over.  My calendar page has been consigned to the recycling pile and has been replaced by a shiny, fresh page bearing the name of February.  This felt very therapeutic and I'm facing the new month with positivity!

Not everything was bad last month in hindsight.  Freddy has gone from a babe in nappies to a boxer short wearing boy in the space of a week.  He is reliable when we are out, in the car and when he naps.  He is dry overnight and so our nappy/pull-up days are officially over!  That was just so least the potty training gods were smiling down on me!

Ian's operation, although hideously stressful and upsetting at the time, seems to have been a success.  I hope this will be the last of Ian's problems and the long term worries of his condition will no longer apply.  This is one bullet we have well and truly dodged.

So, with a brand new month beginning I'm feeling empowered to take on the world!   Tonight is Ella's parent's evening to discuss her predicted GCSE results.  I am just waiting for a subject teacher to tell me how we can assure Ella gets an A* with lots of extra revision, practice and ultimately pressure....and I will probably do my nut.  A*s are not the most important thing in the world, why should my child add any more stress to her life just so a teacher can take credit for her grade!  Starless A grades are perfectly acceptable, as are Bs!  So lay off the exam stress, teacher!

I have big plans afoot which I hope come to fruition, because I fully intend to take back the power and make life better for my whole family.  I am now officially a woman on a mission.  2012 is going to bring a lot of changes and I want to be strong enough to meet them head on.  First job is Operation De-Clutter, which is going to be a job and a half!  Ebay here I come!!


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