Monday, 6 February 2012

Yes We Had Snow!

It is definitely a pre-occupation of the British to obsess about the weather.  This weekend, we had a will it, won't it debate regarding the likelihood of snow.  Although I was dreading the s-word after last year's frozen nightmare, I must confess to that feeling of magic as the white flakes begun to tumble from the sky.

It settled quickly and Freddy grabbed his wellies and ran to the back door wanting to get out into the garden.  They have a sixth sense that makes them know how much fun is to be had, in spite of the sub zero temperatures.  Now Fred is potty trained, he didn't have the luxury of a padded nappy to insulate his nether regions so it was a real first for him to feel the freeze, but he didn't seem to mind too much!

Kizzy and Freddy enjoyed a day in the snow, and these photos show the fun they had.  They made a snowman, snowcastles using a bucket and had Daddy pull them round and around on their sledge.  Afterwards they came in for hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.  A perfect winter's day!

I was glad to see most of the snow on the roads had all defrosted this morning, school runs and the M6 commute are not helped by the white stuff.  Hopefully this is a one off treat for the children that is not to be repeated any time soon.  We were lucky having a weekend Winter Wonderland to enjoy, but I remember all too well how terrifying and dangerous the big chills can be.


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