Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Cost of Love

Albelli have been learning all about our romantic habits with their Valentine's Survey!  We may like to think we are a nation of romantics but some of the facts dispute this claim.  For example did you know 40% of people don't give their partners a present at all!  For those that do, the average spend is £22, with three times as many men than women spending over £40!

Women prefer sentimental gifts such as a personalised photo book.  Featuring photos of favourite places, snaps of you both when you were younger and pictures taken throughout your relationship, a photo book is the ultimate romantic gesture.

Albelli have come up with some present inspiration for Valentine's Day gift ideas to help you come up with the perfect present for your loved one.  From canvases to acrylics, calendars to photo books, there is something for everyone, allowing you to create thoughtful and unique gifts.

Check out the fun and interesting facts on this graphic about "The Cost of Love" and see what categories you fall into!

I have been sent a code to make my own photo book from Albelli and I'll be making one for Ian's Valentine's Day present.  Who says romance is not alive and well!!


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