Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Indulge and Feel Good with Beyond Dark

We all love chocolate, but it has until now been a guilty pleasure!  But now we don't need to feel any guilt as we indulge ourselves in our favourite treat.  Beyond Dark is a new chocolate that is not only delicious but it is also good for you as it is rich in natural antioxidants.

The cocoa bean is a rich source of flavanol antioxidants which are natural goodies that do wonders for our health.  However, the production of chocolate can lead to them being destroyed. Thanks to the production process, Beyond Dark 70% chocolate contains up to three times more antioxidants than an ordinary bar of chocolate.  That equates to each 35g bag containing the same amount of antioxidants as 25 oranges, 8 bananas or 5 apples! 

Antioxidants have a host of health giving benefits:

Indulgence has never been so good for you (as part of a healthy balanced diet of cannot live on chocolate alone!)  The production process also results in the cocoa particles in the finished product being smaller than the tongue can detect.  This results in a wonderfully smooth mouth feel.

Beyond Dark chocolate is formed into 'drops of pure pleasure' which is the best way to enjoy chocolate.  The little buttons melt in the mouth which is the best way to maximize the taste.  Two special ingredients:  Time and Dedication are used to make the chocolate exceptionally tasty.

We were sent a box of Beyond Dark chocolate to test for ourselves.  I have to confess that I usually favour milk chocolate over dark, as dark chocolate can sometimes taste quite bitter.  However, I wouldn't be able to review Beyond Dark without having a nibble myself!  The little morsels of chocolate are not like any 70% dark chocolate I've tasted before.  The texture is so smooth and there is absolutely no bitterness in the aftertaste.  They are clean, rich and dark and intensely flavoured, how real chocolate should taste. I was so pleasantly surprised that I polished off a whole bag! Knowing it is doing me good is a real bonus.  Ian is a dark chocolate fan and said he found it 'really moreish and pleasant on the palate'.

Beyond Dark's 35g bags are available in Holland and Barratt, Sainsbury's and independent retailers priced at 95p.

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