Friday, 17 February 2012

Love Life You Count

The new Waitrose LOVE Life You Count… range, including tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking options, is the simple way to watch what you eat – and relish every mouthful.
The range is based on the principles of healthy weight loss - eat a bit less and move a bit more. Selecting products from the LOVE Life You Count... range at each meal occasion will make sure that you eat around 500 fewer calories than you normally would, which, when combined with our regular exercise, should help you to shift any excess pounds.
The new range boasts lower fat versions and calorie controlled portions of favourites including a tasty Macaroni Cheese, creamy yogurts and indulgent chocolate puddings. With brightly coloured calorie counts on the front of the packs – you can literally count the calories as you do your shopping.

I was treated to some of the products to try out.  I was very impressed with the packaging which clearly showed the calorie content and nutritional details of each and every product.  This made it easy to see exactly what each product contained.  If you are trying to stick to the recommended 2000 calories a day for a woman, the information made it very easy to tally up your intake.  It keeps it simple yet really informative.

The range is very extensive and covers both chilled and ambient products so you can find a Love Life You Count...option in most aisles!  There are quite a few veggie options which is really pleasing!

This is what I thought of the products that I tried:

  • The Soup in a Cup makes a nice hot snack, perfect for this chilly weather and at only approximately 60 calories it is not going to contribute too much to your daily intake!
  • At just 44 calories per serving the Cottage Cheese is a great filling for a jacket spud for a wholesome lunch.  The Macaroni Cheese was  pretty good, but I prefer a more vegetable based meal meal that would contribute towards my five a day and would be less calorie heavy.  It was good comfort food though.  
  • The Chocolate Sponge at only 198 calories is a lower calorie alternative to stodgy puddings if you want to indulge your sweet tooth.  They are not as good as a luxury cake oozing in cream, but they are a fraction of the calories.
  • The yoghurts were good and creamy and fruity.  A good light dessert or snack.    
  • The cereal bars are under 100 calories and are quite filling.  I liked the flavour varieties on offer and the kids enjoyed them.
  • My favourite product overall was the Crustless Cheese Quiche which was delicious!  As the thick pastry crust was not present, the calories were reduced to just 277 calories.  It was moist, cheesy and full of flavour.  Perfect for lunch with some salad.

The website contains lots of information to help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with meal planners, exercises and recipes.  You can also catch up on news from three people including sportsman Sir Matthew Pinsent, who have taken on the Love Life Challenge.


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