Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Tooth Fairy 2

Whenever any of my children lose a tooth, we leave it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy.  But never do we imagine the Tooth Fairy to look like the star of the new movie from 20th Century Fox.  Available on DVD on March 12th, The Tooth Fairy 2 introduces us to an all new and very unlikely Tooth Fairy played by Larry the CableGuy.

When Larry Guthrie loses his first love to the sleazy town hot shot, he decides to try and win her back by tugging at her heart strings.  He volunteers at the local kids' after school club but soon slips up when he tells the kids that the Tooth Fairy is not real.  He then becomes magically transformed into a pink-winged, tutu-clad fairy in order for him to learn his lesson.  He is sentenced to collect ten children's teeth in ten days.  If he fails he loses his best ever memory.

The story is heart warming as you see Larry becoming a better man through his experiences and see his first love warming to him again.  Her fiancĂ©e does all he can to sabotage Larry at every possible opportunity, creating some funny moments.

There were loads of funny moments which kept both Kizzy and Freddy entertained.  We were all rooting for Larry on his journey of self discovery.  It is a good fun-filled family film with some touching moments.  The cute kids definitely added the 'cute' element to the film.

The Tooth Fairy 2 DVD is jam packed with extra special features...including an introduction to 'Larry The Hairy Fairy'.  Tooth Fairy 2 is also available as part of a special double-pack that includes the original Tooth Fairy film starring Dwayne Johnson.

Release Date             12th March 2012
Running Time             86 minutes
Certificate                   PG
DVD Price                 RRP £15.99
DVD Double Pack     RRP £19.99


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