Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Enjoy the Flavours of Real Italy with Sacla

Sacla have always been a brand that has graced the shelves in my kitchen cupboard.  Sacla gives us a mix of convenience and authenticity, allowing us to rustle up great tasting Italian meals with ease.  The latest addition to the range, is a selection of fresh pasta, pesto and sauces.  Using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, Sacla have produced authentic tasting products with the big, bold flavours of real Italy!  Fresh from the fields and sunshine of Italy, this range can be found in the chiller cabinet of supermarkets or from Ocado.

We were delighted to try out Sacla's Intensely Italian Classic Basil Pesto with Intensely Italian Trofie Pasta.

The packaging is very sophisticated and you can see at a glance that this is a quality range.  

Pesto is a timeless and versatile Italian sauce. Made with fragrant basil grown in Asti, Sacla blends the herb with Italian cheese, pine nuts and olive oil.  You simply stir it through steaming pasta for a very quick and easy meal for 2.  Pesto delivers a burst of Italian flavour and adds colour and glory to cooked pasta, transforming it into a delicious dish.

The Trofie Pasta is lovingly made in Italy.  The Ligurian shape is really different to the usual twists and shells that I use.  It is designed to make sauce cling to its spiral shape.  It goes perfectly with Pesto...a real match made in culinary heaven!

It is incredibly easy to make a fabulous authentic meal using these two ingredients.  The pasta cooks in just 9-10 minutes, the pesto is simply stirred through the drained pasta. Simple!

I had my 20 year old daughter home from university at the weekend and we made ourselves a little Italian feast.  She is a huge fan of pesto and really enjoyed the Sacla classic variety.  I found there was a bit too much pesto for the quantity of pasta when using the whole pack for two, but that is purely my personal taste.  

Pesto can be used as an ingredient to make other Italian dishes adding flavour and richness. It is very versatile.  For inspiration check out the Italian Recipes on Sacla's website. 

Other products in the chilled range include fiery chilli pesto, tomato pesto, spicy roasted pepper sauce, asparagus and white wine sauce, olive and tomato sauce, cherry tomato and basil sauce, cherry tomato and chilli sauce, tomato and marscapone sauce, tomato and wild garlic sauce and Orecchiette pasta.

From Sacla's Intensely Italian range.


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