Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pancakes are Flipping Great!

Get Shrove Tuesday off to a cracking start with Aldi's range of great value pancake goodies.  Whether you go traditional and opt for lemon and sugar, or if you prefer a sweeter, stickier topping of Golden Syrup, Aldi has a fabulous selection of treats to top your pancake.  They also have pancake mixes or ready made pancakes to make things as simple as possible on Pancake Day!

Special Buys on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last:
Classic Pancakes – 99p, 480g (pack of 8)
Classic Pancake Mix – 69p, 232g (10 servings)
Fiddes Payne Vanilla  Sugar – £1.09,
Golden Syrup – £1.19, 680g
Lemon Juice – 29p, 200ml
Available in stores nationwide all year round:
Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Buttons – 35p, 70g
Grandessa Pure Canadian Maple Syrup – £2.99, 250ml
Grandessa Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – 99p, 350g

We had a trial run for Pancake Day using the Aldi goodies and we had a go at their  Flipping Good Fun Pancake Challenge.  Take a look at the Aldi Video to find out more and take part for yourself!

Here is our Pancake Challenge video...see how I got on!  How many flips did I do?

Find out more about Aldi's offers at

I hope you have Flipping good fun on Tuesday!!


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