Thursday, 9 February 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week has been pretty good.  I enjoyed an impromptu lunch out with Ian and Freddy at a garden centre as Ian was working from home for the day on Wednesday.  We had a buy one get on free voucher so it was a bargain too.  Funny how food always tastes better when it's free!

We had a little wander around and bought Freddy a lolly which he thoroughly enjoyed. I remembered how much I hate lollies when he started biting on it, but he loved it and I'm not going to deprive him of a treat!

My Boy Lollipop
I am very cheerful that the snow has melted although more is forecast for tonight.  We had fun in the snow, but I'm always glad to see the back of it!  Freddy found one of the remaining lumps of snow which he promptly threw at his dad!
The Last Snowball!
We had our house valued yesterday and were quite surprised that it was worth more than we thought.  Although that doesn't necessarily mean we will sell it, it is nice to know how much equity we have to play with should it all go ahead.  In de-cluttering and tidying, I have re-discovered many of the things I really like about this house, so I'm a lot happier in that respect.  Our bedroom had become a dumping ground, but it has been restored into a haven of tranquillity now it's all tidy and uncluttered!  Next step is to sell/donate and dump everything we've sorted out to go.  Each step we take feels so cathartic and moves us towards where destiny will take us!

My kids continue to delight, amaze and astound me everyday.

Megan has just come back from Paris and survived Arctic temperatures, an attempted pick pocketing and a mis-understanding with a bus driver who thought she had propositioned him when all she asked was whether he had a bin!!  It could only happen to my Megs!!

Freddy has had absolutely no potty related accidents and he has stayed dry every night.  What a star!  I'm such a happy mummy :)

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