Friday, 24 February 2012

Albelli Photo Books

Albelli produce the most incredible photo books for every occasion.  I like to regularly get my digital photos made into photo books, which are a wonderful way of preserving our memories.  So far, this February has given us some unexpected snow days, half term and Valentine's Day.  With so many fabulous photo opportunities I've got lots of lovely photographs of my family that deserve to be on display for everyone to look at.  So I was very pleased when Albelli offered me the chance to make my own photo book.

I love the Albelli site.  You can make photo books instantly by choosing which pictures you want including and letting the programme do the rest.  But I love the freedom of making my own.

Page layouts, backgrounds, number of photos per page, text and photo sizes can be played around with to create your own unique design.  I loved the creative freedom, dragging, dropping and cropping my pictures in my own way, picking colour schemes and adding text boxes.

It is quite intuitive and user friendly and regular save prompts ensure you don't lose your work!

Creating my Albelli Photo Book
When you have created your book you can choose optional extras such as a full photo front cover and extra thick glossy pages.  These make your creation even more special.

My Photo Book arrived a week after I made it which is a great turnaround time.  Email messages kept me informed of its progress along the way.  The books are sent in sturdy cardboard packaging and are wrapped in plastic so they don't get damaged.

I have to confess that I let out a little gasp of joy when I saw my book.  It was so glossy and colourful.  No wonder Albelli were voted as the No1 Photo Book by The Gadget Show!

My Valentine's Cupcakes on the Cover
Different Layouts 
Thick, glossy pages
Valentine's Day Photos
Funky Backgrounds

Prices start at just £6.95.  

They would make a fabulous, unique and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day filled with family photos.

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