Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Warner Bros Romantic Movies

This morning, a knock on my door heralded the delivery of a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise.  It wasn't from Ian or even a secret admirer, it was from the lovely, romantic folk at Warner Brothers!

A big, shiny red box and a scattering of glittery, red heart confetti put me in the perfect mood for Valentine's Day.  Inside the box was a selection of chick flicks that will keep me and my daughters in rom-coms for weeks to come!

The titles which we will be enjoying together include:
  • Midnight in Paris - a 2011 Woody Allen film starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams about an engaged couple facing up to their differing views of a perfect life.  
  • Valentine's Day - an all star cast explore Valentine's Day from the perspective of their characters' experiences.  There are make-ups and break-ups as the day goes on.
  • Casablanca - a classic that is celebrating its 70th year!  Bogart and Bergman star in the 1942 movie set in Africa in World War 2.
  • The Bodyguard - the late, great Whitney Houston stars alongside Kevin Costner in the film that brought us "I will always love you".
  • Going the Distance - a Drew Barrymore rom-com about a long distance relationship. Drew is the queen of the chick flick!
  • The Lake House - Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves reduce me to tears in this love story that transcends time itself.
  • Crazy, Stupid Love- a brand new release starring funny man Steve Carell  and the gorgeous Ryan Gosling.  When a middle-aged man's life changes dramatically after his wife asks for a divorce, he seeks to rediscover his manhood!

I also received some lovely film merchandise and a bag of Maltesers.  Warner Bros really know how to treat a girl on Valentine's Day.

I will be throwing myself into some intense girlie film nights with Megan and Ella.  We love watching rom-coms together whenever Meg is home from university.  We can quote way too many chick flick scripts!  I'm sure we will be finding some great new quotes in these titles!  I look forward to introducing my girls to the joys of The Body Guard, The Lake House and Casablanca and I equally can not wait to discover some great new favourites from Warner Bros for myself!


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