Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kizzy is The Face of Princess Galt

A while ago I spotted a competition where you had to submit a video of your child showing why they should become the Face of Galt.  There were four categories:  Scientist, Artist, Baby and Princess.  Kizzy embraced the idea of the contest and here is the video we submitted.

Earlier this year we had an email to say that Kizzy was to be crowned as Princess Galt!  A photoshoot was organised at the Marriott Hotel in Derby, which is the oldest Marriott in the world with the charm of an olde worlde castle.

We met the other category winners which included Lisa, a long standing friend of mine from the Facebook who is a fellow comping blogger, mum to the gorgeous Dexter and a very lovely lady!  We had a room which was filled with Galt products for the kids to play with while they waited for their turn in the limelight.

Galt Sequin Art
Kizzy was given a lovely princess outfit to wear which made her look absolutely a real princess!  She really was perfect!!

My Princess
Kizzy's photo shoot was very fairytale like. Brown toned filters and a smoke machine created a soft focused effect.  The settings included a secret staircase and an ornate window sill.  Kizzy followed the instructions of the photographer really well although that meant holding quite uncomfortable positions perched on the edge of a very narrow wooden step.  She was a star!

Setting up the shot.
We had a lovely lunch and then the kids did a group shot.  I felt so relieved that I had a 9 year old daughter who was able to hold her pose while all around her things were chaotic.  The other three little ones and their parents had quite a time trying to get them to sit still and look at the camera.  Getting them all looking in the right direction and smiling was a real challenge.  I could just sit back and relax as Kizzy sat like a little angel, even when Baby Galt stuck his rattle in her eye!

We had a great day.  Kizzy did so well and I was very proud of her.  Freddy was pretty well behaved even though he ate four pieces of cake, crawling halfway across the table to get them...but he had a great time supporting Kizzy!  Even big sister Ella enjoyed playing with all the arts and crafts sets that Galt had provided.

I can't wait to see the finished photos used by Galt...they were incredible.  The photographer had such a great vision and the models were all gorgeous!

Take a look at Galt's website to see all of the Face of Galt winners.


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