Friday, 3 February 2012

Me and the MuTu System

Before Christmas, I was chosen as a MuTu Mama, to trial the 12 week online training programme designed just for mums.  Pregnancy and birth take their toll on a woman's body and can lead to physical problems that continue long after your baby is born. The MuTu system is designed for post-natal women (however old your baby now is!)

After having Freddy, my fifth child, I was left with ruptured stomach muscles (Diastasis Recti) which left me with a big gaping hole in my abs!  You could literally push your fingers into my internal organs!!  I tried to do sit-ups to fix it, but with zero strength in my core, I could barely lift my head off the ground.  I was actually making the problem worse while trying to make it better.  I was even told by a personal trainer that I may have to consider surgery to have my stomach stitched together, which sounded really serious.

The MuTu system focuses on post-partum problems such as Diastasis Recti, so I thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a go before resorting to serious medical intervention to fix my gaping stomach muscles.

The MuTu System comprises of five interconnecting elements woven together into a series of workouts, motivational strategies and eating guidelines.  Mutu Core repairs and restores tummies. MuTu Breathe helps us relax and tones the pelvic floor.  MuTu Intensive is a 15 minute workout.  MuTu Posture helps us to stand tall and find our mojo.  MuTu Food encourages us to eat right without any hang ups.  It allows real women to get stronger, fitter, leaner, sexier and more confident in the long term, and fits into our busy lifestyles.

I started the MuTu system with loads of enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, I have an old spinal condition which means that I have restricted mobility in my lower back.  I have tried yoga and pilates in the past, but the spinal rolling motion that many of the moves require, puts something out of alignment which is extremely painful for days.  Consequently, I put my back out doing the first breathing exercises!  Oh dear :(  However, Wendy Powell from MuTu phoned me up.  This system isn't just a virtual subscription to an exercise plan, it is real coaching with a real team of understanding people ready to help you succeed.  We discussed my problem and realised that I couldn't just blindly throw myself into exercising, and that I'd probably need extensive physiotherapy to right my spine (which I'll save for another day, because 99% of the time I am pain free as my body has adapted to cope with it). But we discussed what it was I wanted to achieve with MuTu and how I could achieve it.

Consequently, my personal goal was to repair the Diastasis Recti which was my biggest concern.  Adapting certain positions and being aware of my weakness, enabled me to embark on exercises to strengthen and repair my core.  I have to say that I was amazed to see my stomach muscles coming back together!  The gap was narrowed and the strength was returning. After two years of being split open, they  became firmer and the damage was being repaired on the MuTu system.  I lost 2" off my waist measurement within 2 weeks simply by having them close together.  MuTu had done what I was told could only be repaired by surgery.  My stomach muscles now feel normal again.  I am so grateful!

With my goal achieved, I have to confess that I didn't push myself further into the programme.  But I've taken bits on board and will continue with those.  I have my downloaded programme and the online videos, so it's still all available to me.  For the information and exercises on fixing my tummy muscles alone, this has been invaluable and I can't recommend the programme enough for that element of the MuTu System.  Wendy Powell really knows her stuff!

The MuTu System costs just £57 for the 12 week programme.  That is less than a fiver a week (cheaper than a Latte and a Muffin at Starbucks!!), for a programme that could literally change your life!  This is what you'll get:

How To Flatten Your Post-Baby Tummy | MuTu System Program

  • Crystal clear step by step, WEEK BY WEEK GUIDE clarifies and summarises each week’s workouts and objectives alongside your weekly videos
  • ‘How To’ REFERENCE GUIDE gives you the ‘Need to Know’ as well as the ‘Like to Know’to suit every personality. Dip in and take what you need, when you need it
  • Clear instructions on how to diagnose and progress core  strength & diastasis recti , with clear phases of exercises to move through
  • 12 multi-tasking workout VIDEOS that fit in with a busy mum’s life. These routines are for real mums, with real lives!
  • 2 Yoga AUDIOS guiding you through specific yoga techniques that will directly improve pelvic floor control & posture &  AS WELL AS help you cope with stress & fatigue!
  • The exercises you must know & how to do them correctly & effectively, as well as the exercises you must avoid which will actually make your tummy look worse!
  • Nutritional secrets to lose fat, combat bloating & avoid excess abdominal fat storage. What to buy (there’s even a shopping list!), how to prepare it, snack ideas, superfoods & the foods that will kickstart your metabolism.
  • BONUS personal measurements log to print – plots your weight, measurements and other criteria, whilst keeping your goals front of mind
  • BONUS progress journal monitors your exercise and nutritional progress and achievements

The MuTu® System


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