Monday, 20 February 2012

Xia Xia Interactive Hermit Crabs

The latest collectable has hit the stores in the form of the new Xia Xia Hermit Crabs from Character.  These fun, cute crustaceans have scuttled all the way from the Caribbean to delight children with their crab like movements and interchangeable shells.

We were sent the pretty little Bimini crab and the Confetti Cottage to try out.  Kizzy loves micro toys so she was really impressed by the Xia Xia Crabs (although she didn't have a clue how to pronounce it.)  I really liked the packaging that the crab came in, it looked really attractive and interesting.  It would make a really nice alternative to an Easter Egg if you want to avoid buying chocolate for your children.

The crabs move around with scuttling movements.  They interact with  their environment and if they hit an object in their way they scuttle off in a different direction.  The movement is really erratic and 2 year old Freddy was giggling his head off after watching Bimini negotiate the obstacles on the kitchen floor.  The fun motion makes the Xia Xia Crabs much more interesting than many of the other similar plastic toys on the market.

The crabs come with a removable shell and hiding underneath is a little micro-toy.  Bimini had a cute cupcake.   They are very small and probably  best kept away from younger siblings.  New shells can be purchased separately or swapped from other Xia Xia crabs to mix and match the designs.

The Confetti Cottage habitat is a little home for the crabs.  It is also a convenient carrier and storage for your collection.  It has a little door,  window in the roof and a drop down front.  The roof has a handle to carry it around.  It is a playset for the crabs to play in, although it is a bit of a squeeze getting Bimini in upright with her shell on, which I'm sure would be a source of frustration to younger children.  Kizzy ended up lying her down to fit her in.  The Confetti Cottage can be attached to other playsets to build the ultimate Crab City.  The cottage seems quite robust and I like the design and colours which are very appealing.

The Xia Xia Crabs are another collectable from the company that brought us Zhu-Zhu pets.  As with all collectables, the potential to spend a fortune can be a huge pitfall to some parents.  At approximately £10 each they are quite an expensive product for something so small.  However, as far as collectables go, they are colourful, fun, cute and original.  The quirky movement really is entertaining and quite unique.

Find out more at the Xia Xia Pets website.


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