Thursday, 16 February 2012

Peppa's My First Laptop

I don't think there are many toddlers out there that aren't fans of Peppa Pig.  The Porcine Prima Donna may have received some negative press attention recently for encouraging bratty behaviour in pre-schoolers, but in our house the antics of Peppa and George are thoroughly enjoyed (and thankfully none of Peppa's 'chocolate cake for breakfast' tantrums are emulated!)

The Peppa Pig merchandise lends itself beautifully to the colours and imagery of the show. The characters are instantly recognisable and appeal to little ones.  We were lucky enough to be sent the Peppa Pig's My First Laptop from Inspiration Works for Freddy to try out.

The laptop toy has a flip up screen which lights up various images that are displayed on it.  There are four built in activities that encourage interactive play.  Little ones can learn colours, numbers, phonics, music and new words.  The laptop 'talks' to the child, giving instructions for each activity.

"It's Peppa Pig!"
As soon as Freddy flipped open the lid and heard the welcome tune he was hooked!  The colours and shapes on the keyboard are intriguing and inviting, encouraging further exploration.  Freddy enjoyed pressing, turning, sliding various keys which made tunes and sound effects, named items, colours and numbers.  The laptop has a lot going on and keeps youngsters engaged.

At two and a half, Freddy is not really old enough to completely interact independently with the Quiz modes where children are challenged to find specific objects by colour, quantity or starting letter.  However his big sister helps him and you can see him learning as he plays.  Having the different modes means this toy grows with your child and will last until school age.

The laptop is sturdy, strong and robust.  The buttons are chunky for little hands.  There is a carry case so little ones can carry their laptop around, perfect for the car, holidays or visits to the grandparents' house!

Perfect for little hands.
Freddy really enjoys his Peppa Pig My First Laptop.  I like the fact that it is a self-contained toy with no little pieces or removable parts (always a plus!)  and it is educational and fun.  Batteries are included so you can play straight away (another big plus!)  For more information, see the details below.

Peppa Pig My First Laptop, RRP £19.99
24months – 5 years

Explore the world of Peppa with the exciting My First Laptop.  Use the 4 game modes to learn colours, numbers, the alphabet and more!  Peppa Pig’s Laptop allows children to learn and play in the most exciting way possible.  Open up the screen to reveal the colourful picture of Peppa Pig with her brother George and press the buttons to play music.  My First Laptop also has a large chunky handle that makes it easy to carry around with you.  Available at Amazon, Mothercare, John Lewis, The Entertainer, Morrisons.

Also available:

Peppa Pig Fun Phonics 2, RRP £19.99
3 years +

Have fun learning with Peppa and friends.   Peppa Pig Fun Phonics has 8 great activities to keep all three year olds entertained!  The great memory games, melodies and colourful illustrations are not only educational but also enormous amounts of fun! Available at Amazon, Tesco, Boots, Smyths, Sainsburys, ELC, Next, Morrisons

*Freddy received the toy laptop to try out, but no other compensation was received*


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