Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Breast Pads and Other Joys

Even though I have a walking, talking, potty trained toddler, he still has a secret penchant for bed time breast feeding.  The boy will not give up his boob.  This is met with revulsion and disgust from some, but frankly I am happy to oblige for as long as my little boy feels the need.  He is healthy, strong, bright, intelligent, independent and sociable.  It's not doing him any harm.  He's not turning out clingy or needy.  I can leave him overnight without any problem if necessary and he never feeds away from home.  It is also sometimes such a positive thing to be able to do.  If he has a fall and hurts himself, or if he is poorly, I can comfort him and provide him nourishment in one loving gesture.  It costs nothing and I'm confident that he will self wean shortly.  After all none of my other children have ended up as breastfeeding school children!

As my mad de-cluttering continues, with a view to putting our house on the market, I've been unearthing all manner of long forgotten items buried in my clutter. The latest was a box of breast pads.  I've been really lucky and have never really suffered from leaky boobs.  After feeding five kids I think my seasoned boobs have got their supply and demand worked out. These pads were bought last year when I went to Cybermummy and had visions of waking up after a night in a hotel on my own, swimming in a sea of breast milk.  It may have been good enough for Cleopatra to bathe in milk...but I personally prefer a shower!  My fears were however unfounded, and I was leak free.  Ergo the breast pads were shelved and forgotten till now.
The packet of breast pads became an object of total interest for Kizzy and Freddy who were not sure what they were.  It became like a game of Whose Line is it Anyway, with the kids acting out 101 uses for a breast pad.  We had hats...everything from berets to skull caps.  We had a face mask....Jason Vorhees anyone??  We had a padded bikini (which reminded me of something you could buy in Primark which would spark the whole sexualising our kids debate.)  My personal favourite was the pirate's eye patch which was sported whilst shouting the mandatory "Arrrrr"s!

It made a fun distraction from the tedium of  tidying.  Who'd have thought that something purchased to stem lactation leaks could be such fun to a pair of children with huge imaginations and a penchant for fun?!


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