Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cleaning Up Student Digs

My daughter Megan is in her final year in University and lives in a shared house in Manchester.  As with most student housing, the landlord is more interested in taking the monthly rent cheque, than ensuring the comfort and safety of his tenants.  The house is old, poorly insulated and damp.  There is no double glazing or ventilation, so every time someone showers, cooks...or even breathes, condensation forms.

Recently I received a phone call from Meg in a state of utter disgust.  She decided to re-arrange her room and was horrified to discover that the wall behind her bed and wardrobe was covered in thick, black mould.  The damp in her room had saturated the wallpaper causing it to be a haven for fungus. Meg is asthmatic and has always been worse after sleeping in her room, clearly lying just inches away from the wall and breathing in mould and mildew spores isn't good for one's lungs.

Once the mould was discovered, Meg was able to don her rubber gloves and scrub at it with a bleach solution until it was virtually gone.  But the underlying problem of the damp room still existed.  The landlord told her to leave her window open all day...not the best advice given that their house has already been burgled through one of her housemate's open windows just a few weeks ago.

I do believe however that we may have a solution to the problem of dampness and condensation in her room.  As if by some cosmic action, timed to perfection, I was contacted to see if I wanted to try a Unibond Humidity Absorber.  I gratefully accepted the offer on behalf of my daughter in need!

Everyday activities can create up to 12 litres of unwanted moisture in the air each day.  In areas with poor circulation, this moisture condenses.  This leads to peeling wallpaper, mould and mildew, damp and increases allergens in the air.  The Unibond Humidity Absorber absorbs up to 30% of the excess moisture, converting it into a salty solution and neutralising odours and combating air borne allergens.  It uses a special 2 in 1 power tab that is placed into the top of the device.  Its active ingredients convert humidity into a solution that collects in the tank below and can be poured away easily.  One tab lasts for 6-8 weeks.

We were sent the large Humidity Absorber which is suitable for a room up to 20 metres squared.  It comes with two 450g power tabs.  A smaller version is available containing two 300g power tabs which is suitable for smaller rooms up to 10 metres squared.

The device itself is not an eye sore and can sit quite discreetly on a window sill doing its job, sucking the moisture out of the room.  It is a surprise to see water droplets forming within 24 hours and every drop in the tank is a drop that isn't causing dampness in Meg's room.  As a parent to a university student, I think this is a very reasonable method of combating the problem of a damp room.  Hopefully Meg will be able to sleep better and breathe easier in her room now.

The Large Humidity Absorber is £19.99, the small one is £13.99 with the refill tabs costing £9.99 and £7.99 respectively.

I received the product in order to do this review, but the opinions are all mine!


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