Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Joys of Being a Toy Tester

When Kizzy was named as the new Princess Galt, she was awarded £250 of Galt Toys as part of the prize.  Having the chance to choose her favourites from the whole range of art, craft, activity, science and discovery sets was a dream come true.  The Girl Club offered her loads of items befitting her princess status!  Kizzy particularly loved the sets that combined her two favourite and beauty...and picked out sets to make her own perfume, bath bombs and lip glosses!  She also loved the girlie secret diary, jewellery making sets and fashion designer sets.

She has enough activities to keep her going for a whole year and we'll report back on her favourite items.  What a lucky little girl she is!!  Just look at the two huge boxes that arrived for her!

I really like the fact that my little princess loves her science.  The Disgusting Science set really got her excited as did the Horrible Science range.  I predict lots of messy experiments will soon be carried out in my kitchen!

We are so grateful to the lovely people of Galt for holding such a lovely competition for the kids, with such amazing prizes.  Kizzy considers herself to be a very privileged young lady and intends to carry out her royal duties to the best of her ability!

Take a look at Galt's website if you are looking for ideas for really innovative and inspiring arts, crafts, science and activity sets for both girls and boys.


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