Thursday, 22 December 2011

How To Make Pizzas With Elves!

Today, Freddy and Kizzy had the pleasure of making pizzas with Santa's Elves at Ribby Hall!  Assisted by their big sisters Megan and Ella, they joined in the pizza making activity.  Josh the Christmas chef and DJ 'Chappers' along with two lovely elves demonstrated and helped as the kids shaped dough and topped their pizzas.  Freddy loved being covered in flour, eating handfuls of grated Mozzarella and smearing tomato sauce liberally over his pizza.
Ready for action at Ribby Hall Bar & Grill.
Flattening out the dough.
Getting Saucy!!
How much cheese can you get on a pizza?
Ready for the Pizza Oven!
I was really impressed that the chef on realising we were vegetarians, put the finished pizzas on their own tray.    While they were cooking, the children had the opportunity to have a quick boogie on the dancefloor, doing the YMCA and the Conga.  There was a real party atmosphere and Freddy, as ever, loved partying with his big sisters who dote on him.

Ribby Hall Conga
When the pizzas had been cooked, the kids were all invited back into the restaurant area to have a Pizza Feast.  The plated pizzas looked great and Freddy's verdict of "Mmmm Delicious Pizza!" was spot on.  We all shared the pizzas and they were seriously good.  Lovely doughy base, garlicky, tomato sauce and an abundance of Mozzarella!!

Kizzy's Pizza
Blowing his pizza as it was hot!
Yummying it up!
This was such a lovely activity for the children.  Freddy was the youngest child there but he loved every messy moment and was encouraged by the staff, even when he was making a mess!  Kizzy really enjoyed her pizza too!  Afterwards, Freddy fell asleep for 3 hours.  All the partying is tiring him out.

Tomorrow we are heading off to Blackpool which is just ten minutes up the road.  We have tickets to review the Dungeons with the older children which will be interesting!  So watch this space for some scarier stuff this Christmas.  Ribby Hall really is extremely well located, a tranquil, rural setting which is very close to the hustle and excitement of Blackpool and its attractions.

As Freddy was so exhausted, I took my girls out for a meal at the Bar & Grill, leaving Daddy and Freddy in the cottage to relax.  Nana and Grandad decided to join us for dinner.  The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and the food was lovely with a Vegetarian Specials Board which gave us lots of options.  We chose the Mushroom and Leek Carbonara which was really tasty and presented really nicely.  We'll be having our Christmas Lunch here so I'm looking forward to that.  The restaurant is very relaxed, definitely a benefit with kids!  Our waitress offered to split our bill and nothing was too much trouble.

The girls and the grandparents x
Another lovely day at Ribby Hall!  My eldest son and his girlfriend will be joining us tomorrow night and we have a Pantomime to watch in the evening.  So it'll be a fun and busy day.  We haven't even checked out the swimming pool or sports facilities yet.  There is just so much to do!


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