Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dazzling Nails for Christmas

I love having painted nails.  I think they finish off any outfit and make you feel so glamorous.  It's just a shame that nail varnish is so messy to put on, especially when you have a toddler trying to 'help'!  It also smudges, chips and can stain your nails.  I have never liked the idea of false nails, as I'd be too worried to use my hands in case they dropped off!!

I was quite intrigued when I was offered some nail wraps to try out.  Klass Nails have been designed by Myleene Klass and promise "dazzling, gorgeous nails in an instant."  The wraps stick to your nails and are durable enough to last all week.  With seven party designs and nine original designs to choose from you can mix and match, whatever your mood or whatever you are wearing!

Each set comes with 24 different sized nail shaped stickers, enough for fingers and toes (with a couple of practice spares).  A nail file is also included.  To apply you simply stick them to your nail, fold over the excess and file it away.

I received some plain brown ones and some leopardskin ones to try out.  Other designs include spots, stars, love hearts, floral and zebra skin.  It's a fun, quick and easy way of doing nail art without having any artistic skills at all!  Great for kids and teens.

I had a go an putting on a wrap.  I was surprised that it actually was quite straightforward to do.  It stuck well and with a firm rub the creases eventually came out. (Although putting a flat sticker on a curved nail is not the simplest task.)  The end filed off quite easily once I got the technique sorted out.  The photo below is of my first attempt.  It isn't perfect, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice.  I'm not sure that mine will last all week as the end is coming away from my nail where I keep picking at it! I think however that my filing was a bit poor and I got some filings onto the adhesive when I was applying it.  The end result isn't as flawless as well applied nail varnish, and it isn't any less time consuming really (well it wasn't for a novice like me!).  But it is a fun alternative, especially if using the patterned wraps.

I'll be using the rest out with my two girls.  They simply peel off when you want to remove them and you can change your look quickly and easily.  They are perfect for the party season as a fun alternative to nail varnish.

The nails are available for £5.99 from Asda, Boots, Debenhams and Wilkinsons and

JML currently have a great special offer where you can buy five designs for just £19.99.   They'd make great stocking fillers for older girls, fun loving friends and teenagers.


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