Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lilliputiens...A World Full of Little Wonders

Lilliputiens toys are some of the most beautiful and engaging that I have ever come across.  Stocked by John Crane, they are stimulating, heart warming,  attractive, completely safe and filled with wonder.  Young children are given a fun and high quality way to learn with the thoughtful designs and hidden surprises challenging their naturally inquisitive natures.  Friendly characters each have their own stories making them part of  magical universe that children can lose themselves in.  If you haven't discovered this world full of little wonders,  take a look at the John Crane Lilliputiens online catalogue and prepare to be delighted!

Lilliputiens don't just produce toys.  I have been sent two products from the Lilliputiens range that are for Children's Rooms.  They allow the world of wonder to enter into a child's everyday life, continuing to surround them with magic, stimulating their senses and making them feel safe and secure in their own environment.
One of the Lilliputiens mascots is Walter, a friendly, cute and cuddly dragon!  He is the subject of many of the toys and is really appealing and lovable.  Walter is also the inspiration for the two amazing products that I was sent by Blog-Match to review.

The Liliputiens Walter Wall Sticker Collection is a set of over 80 stickers on two big backing sheets that will bring a child's bedroom alive.  Each sticker can be stuck, unstuck and restuck without leaving any mess at all.  This makes them perfect for kids' bedrooms where you can create a lovely feature wall full of fun, friends and magic.  The stickers are printed on a clear plastic backing and seem very strong and don't peel up or crinkle.  

The whole set can be used to create a big picture, or you can use individual stickers to jazz up doors or furniture.  Some stickers are small but there is a huge individual Walter that is like a piece of artwork in its own right!  The design is fun and engaging with soft edges and a gentle colour scheme.  It's an easy and convenient way of making a plain painted wall look really special.

Just a few of the wall stickers on Fred's wall.
You could use the Walter theme to decorate a nursery as there are lots of other accessories, toys and even a Walter pouffe that could be teamed together beautifully.

The Walter Photo Album is a really unusual product that would make a lovely gift.  The soft velvet cover is made to resemble Walter with his ears, spines, wand and tail.  Each page contains a clear plastic pocket to slip in ten 6x4 photographs.  This is a lovely way to introduce baby to the faces of loved ones or create a picture book full of familiar faces for baby to look at and enjoy.  Older children could make a photo album using pictures from a holiday or a special occasion.  The photos can be removed and replaced as often as you like.  I really loved the space on the front cover to pop a favourite photograph of the child to personalise the album.

Each page is well stitched and the whole book does up with a velcro tab.  It is a lovely touchy, feely book with different textures to explore.  The album comes in a nice presentation bag making it a lovely gift.

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