Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Crazy Soap Stocking Fillers

If you are looking for any last minute inspiration for stocking fillers, then look no further.  Crazy Soap is a brilliant bath time product that is full of fun!  The kids will love it, making bath times easier for you and more fun for them!  Brilliant for reluctant bathers and water babies alike.  The soap is formulated especially for children and is mild and gentle.

The Crazy Foam Soap comes in a 225 ml aerosol can.  You squirt the soap out and then you can shape it, mould it or bounce it.  Perfect for making yourself a Santa beard or reindeer antlers, or pretend it is snow and have a snowball fight in the tub!  Even if we don't get snow on Christmas day, you can still have a White Christmas with this!  Freddy absolutely loved this.  It is a great sensory play product that is so squidgy...and it gets the kids clean as they play!
My Soapy Snowball!
The Crazy Soap Body Paint comes in a 150ml tube. It is available in red or blue  so your kids can create the perfect masterpiece while getting clean.  You can squeeze it, dab it or paint with it.  You can mix colours to make a new shade.  The soap is mild and gentle and easy to lather up and wash off.  Children will love getting 'messy' in the bath.

The Crazy Soap Bath Goo is a jellified, wobbly, yellow goo that smells deliciously fruity.  It is fun to scoop out, place under running water and watch it turn into a mass of bubbles.  It froths up a treat and children will love bathing in the fruity scented tub.

I always try to find fun toiletries for the kids' Christmas stockings and these are perfect!  They guarantee that Christmas will bring some good clean fun!

The products are available from Tesco and Morrison's and are priced between £2.00 - £2.99.


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