Monday, 5 December 2011

Ice Cream Chokablok with Good Stuff

When I took a delivery of a sample of Chokabloks new flavoured ice creams, I was ridiculously excited, although it meant I had to do an emergency re-jig of my freezer to fit all the tubs in. But who's complaining, I'm happy to consign a shelf over to frozen dairy desserts!  I have a real passion for is one of the foods that is worth its weight in calories!

Chokablok is a premium, luxury ice-cream brand with flavours chok-full of the finest, best quality ingredients.  Available in 500ml tubs, Chokablok ice cream is a real grown-up indulgence.  Each spoonful features more chewy bits, gooey bits and crunchy bits than any other ice cream.

The Chokablok on Sticks are the perfect handheld treats with just the right amount of premium ice cream crammed with yummy bits and smothered in Belgian milk choocolate.

The two latest flavours in the Chokablok range are Peanut Butter Nutter and The Rocky Road of Love.

Peanut Butter Nutter 

ChokaBlok’s expert ‘cremeliers’ have concocted a real first – a mouth-watering combination of chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream, packed with milk chocolate covered peanuts, rich caramel sauce and real milk chocolate drops.
I am nutty for nuts in ice cream.  It is my favourite addition to my favourite dessert.  Peanut Butter Nutter did not disappoint in that department with a generous quantity of crunchy nuts in each serving.  It isn't an overly sweet ice cream, so it tastes really grown-up.  The crunchy chocolate coated nuts contrast nicely with the dark chocolate and peanut butter ice creams.  I didn't detect too much caramel sauce and confess to serving it with a spoonful of Dulce de Leche which worked perfectly.

The Rocky Road of Love

This ice cream is for true romantics: made of a heavenly combination of rich chocolate and marshmallow ice creams, it comes packed the brim with real milk chocolate hearts, bites of crunchy biscuit, mini marshmallows and generous swirls of sticky toffee sauce.  It is cute and colourful and made my daughter squeal with delight. She loved the chocolate hearts and the crunchy biscuits.  The combination was lovely!

The ice creams benefit from sitting out of the freezer for a few minutes before serving.  The flavours intensify as they soften at room temperature.  These ice creams will impress guests at dinner parties or make a perfect indulgent treat for yourself.

The new tubs of Peanut Butter Nutter and The Rocky Road of Love join the five existing members of the ChokaBlok family: Billionaires Shortcake, Gold Diggers Dynamite, Cookie Dough Mon-Star, Cherry Bomb Brownie and The Chocolate Extremist.

Peanut Butter Nutter, The Rocky Road of Love and ChokaBlok on Sticks are now available in Tesco stores nationwide. Bloks of ChokaBlok are priced at £3.99 RRP. ChokaBlok on Sticks are priced at £2.79.


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