Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Ministry of Letters

Operation Alphabet

There is a secret world that not many of us know about!  Inside an ordinary post box in London, there exists a top secret government department, The Ministry of Letters.  It is here where all the words in the world are made.  Every word you'll ever read!  But shhh, don't tell anyone...this is highly classified information!

If, like me, you become an official pal of the Ministry of Letters you will discover an exciting world.  The S.A.S. (Secret Alphabet Service) will share its secrets with you and your child and together you will learn about the exciting power of the alphabet and inspire a love of letters, words and stories.

Each letter has its own personality and together they make learning fun.  They are the stars of the book Operation Alphabet by Al MacCuish which tells the story of a little boy called Charlie Foxtrot.  The S.A.S. undertake an intrepid journey to help Charlie learn the letters of the alphabet before he has a test at school.   With an alphabet song, the letters teach him all about the alphabet and the wonders of words.  Children will enjoy this fast paced story and will love the letter characters.  Freddy really likes Colonel A!  They will learn while they are having fun!  The book is really special with incredible old style illustrations and a lively text.  It has a retro, old fashioned  50s feel to it which is most refreshing in this high tech age.  Both parents and children will love this unique book.

The book is accompanied by a great website with lots of fun stuff.  The Letters' Personnel Files kept Freddy entertained for ages with each letter saying a selection of its favourite words.  Every letter has its own quirky personality.  Take a look at this Public Service Announcement to discover more.

It is a lovely concept to think that there is an agency where every word is created.  It is a very appealing idea that kids will love, and anything that instils a love of words in children gets a thumbs up from me!   The book can be bought from Amazon for £6.57 which is a great price.

I'll leave you with the very cute Alphaphonic Orchestra video.  It's well worth watching because it is fab!


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