Thursday, 8 December 2011

Get Into The Festive Spirit with Scotch Restickable Tabs

Christmas is here again and it's the perfect time to get together with the kids and create some unique hand made decorations to give your home a traditional festive feel.  Hand made decorations are not only fun to make, but they are also budget friendly.  Decorating your house for Christmas can be really costly so to have a fun, festive, family activity that will save you money is the perfect solution!

Scotch Restickable Tabs make hanging your Christmas decorations really easy.  The double-sided adhesive tabs are easy to use and stick to any surface.  They remove cleanly, leaving no marks and mess, and because they are clear they are barely detectable even on windows or mirrors.  Best of all, when you have finished with the tabs, you can wash them clean with soapy water and they will be ready to use again for your next creative project!  Being re-usable makes them even more cost effective.

This Christmas why not try the following ideas:

Christmas Card Displays
Every year we get sent lots of lovely, colourful festive cards from friends and family.  Why not use them to create the ultimate, personalised Christmas wall decoration?  Simply hang your beautiful cards in vertical rows on your internal walls, doors or mirrors using Scotch Restickable Tabs, safe in the knowledge that they will remove cleanly and easily afterwards without leaving a trace!

Tip: You can get really creative by cutting out scenes or shapes from the cards to create a festive arch over focal points such as lights or pictures.

Christmas Window Scenes
Turn everyday ordinary plain white paper into beautiful Wintry Christmas scenes.  Simply draw snowmen or snowball shapes and cut them out (make sure no pencil marks show.)  Using the Scotch Restickable Tabs attach them to the bottom of your window panes.  The tabs appear invisible leaving passers by able to admire your fantastic homemade creation!

Tip:  Why not spray some fake snow onto the corners of the window to add to the festive feel?

Paper Chains
This is an activity that children love to do!  Choose some different festive paper (red and gold works well) and cut into even strips about 2cm wide.  Stick the ends of one of the strips together to create a closed loop.  Take the next strip and put one end through the hole in the first loop.  Stick the ends together to make a second loop.  Continue until you have the length of chain that you want.
Then attach your Scotch Restickable Tabs to the ends of each chain and stick your beautiful home-made decorations around the house.

Tip: Why not try sticking them across door lintels, pictures frames, mirrors and mantel pieces to create a fantastically festive feeling?

Scotch Restickable Tabs are available in Ryman, Staples and from

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