Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Weetabix For Winter Mornings

With the cold weather gripping us in its wintry chill, it is so important to start the day with a good healthy breakfast.  Both adults and children will benefit from enjoying a tasty bowl of Weetabix!

Served with hot milk for a warming breakfast it will be a perfect boost to see you through the chilly mornings.  If you or the children prefer a chocolatey cereal, Weetabix now do a Spoonsize Chocolate Weetabix which is crammed with chocolatey chunks.  The good news is that is only contains half of the sugar of other chocolate based cereals on the both kids and mum are happy!

Weetabix is a great source of nutrition for all the family. But if you are watching your weight it can be a really useful asset!  Not only is it full of goodness (like high in fibre and fortified with iron and vitamins) but it is also a great way to keep you fuller for longer and will help you avoid snacking throughout the morning!  So any weight watchers can enjoy a guilt free breakfast that will keep them full up until lunchtime.

Some of the benefits of eating Weetabix for breakfast are:

·         Weetabix provides slow release energy that will keep you fuelled up for the day
·         Weetabix is a great source of fibre which helps keep tummies healthy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
·         Weetabix is low in sugar
·         2 Weetabix are only 134 calories (excluding milk)
·         2 Weetabix biscuits is the perfect portion so you’ll find it hard to pour too much into your bowl!
·         If you’re following a diet with the likes of Weight Watchers or Slimming World you get more for your points!

Weetabix also has a meal plan that you can view here: This gives you tips and advice on all your main meals to help achieve a balanced and healthy diet.  

Weetabix really is a cereal that everyone can enjoy, from little ones to diet conscious mums.  Find out everything you need to know about the brand at


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