Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ribby Hall Village for Christmas

In the Lancashire countryside, nestled in the Ribby Valley is a holiday village, Ribby Hall.  With clusters of lovely cottages built around a range of sports and leisure activities it really is the perfect place to take a well earned family break.

We are here this Christmas, taking a year off from the stress of doing Christmas at home, although the stress of packing for six plus pressies was pretty testing!  Thank goodness we have a Galaxy to cram everything in.

We decided to book Ribby Hall for Christmas after Googling places to stay for Christmas.  We've done Centre Parcs for this time of year twice, but I was shocked by their price hikes.  It would have cost us over £3000 for five days!  I could be sunning myself abroad for less than that!  For half the price we found Ribby Hall where we have two six berth cottages next door to each other.  Plus unlike Centre Parcs all the evening entertainment, lots of kids' activities and the Panto are completely free, saving us even more cash.

As we had room for 12 we invited my parents to join us.  They were happy to take a break from their cosy Christmas a deux, to join our family for our festive break.  My children adore their grandparents so everyone was happy.

By some fluke in the space time continuum, my parents and ourselves arrived at exactly the same time.  We found our cottages and were incredibly impressed with how lovely they were.  They are recently refurbished with feature walls, nice fixtures and fittings and have amazing beds!

The kitchen is well equipped and clean.  We get Freeview channels so the teens aren't E4 deprived.  We even have an ensuite bathroom which is great for a bit of extra showering space for a house full of girls.

We experienced the evening entertainment which involved an enthusiastic DJ, a Wizard, Duck and Squirrel, a comedian that took a shine to my mum and a singer who was a cross between Lee Evans and Michael Buble!     It was good fun and Freddy absolutely loved dancing with his sisters.  He even won a Punch Balloon from the Duck for his dancing!  The Christmas Quiz was right up our street and I stormed to victory with full marks in festive trivia and Xmas Song intros.  As ever there were a few accusatory shouts of cheating...but all in good humour!  I love a good cheating required!!  We won a bottle of "champers" and two light up toys that Freddy loved!

First night has been hailed a success.  We are now off to make pizza with elves!

Freddy not too impressed by the giant animals being that close!
Having fun with nana.


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