Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Giveaway....Get Christmas Wrapped Up With Scotch CLOSED

I am pretty shocking at wrapping up presents!  I'm all fingers and thumbs, especially when it comes to using a roll of tape. Firstly, I can never find the end and spin the roll round and round getting more and more frustrated.  I usually try to bite through the tape often causing tape to get stuck to my lip.  Pulling it off is so painful!   When I eventually manage to rip a bit off I invariably end up with the sticky side folding over and sticking to itself, making the piece useless and starting the annoying cycle all over again.  No wonder gift wrapping is not something I enjoy!

This year though, help is at hand...quite literally!  The Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-Band dispenser is a handy little gadget that comes pre-filled with pre-cut strips of tape, putting an end to my annual sticky tape tangle.  It leaves both hands free to concentrate on making the present look good (as opposed to a scruffy usual  end result!)  The hand-band itself fits comfortably and works well, making the process so much more convenient, quicker and easier.  No more losing the tape or scissors or wasting time with tricky rolls. It's like having an extra pair of hands when you need it most. The tape pieces themselves are neatly pre-cut and have a satin finish that blends in neatly for a better look.

I wish I'd discovered Scotch Pop Up Tape years ago.  Perhaps then I wouldn't be such a disaster when it comes to gift wrapping!


If like me you struggle with sticky tape, the very lovely folk at Scotch will come to your rescue too.  They have given me five Scotch Pop Up Tape hand-bands (RRP £2.49) plus five packs of re-fill strips containing three pads with 75 strips per pad (RRP £2.69) ....that's enough to wrap up to 65 presents!  So five winners can experience the joy of roll-free sticky tape too!

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