Friday, 2 December 2011

Are You Giving Doggie Doo This Christmas?

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love toilet humour.  So when I received a Doggie Doo game a few weeks back as a prize I was suitably delighted!  The pooping dog seemed like the perfect toy to satisfy my warped sense of fun!  Others obviously agree because it features highly in this year's most wanted Christmas presents!

The sheepish expression on the doggy's face brought such promise of the rude fun that was to come.  You feed the special food to the dog, push it in with his bone, then pump the handle on the lead to get the poo moving.  Eventually with a satisfying squelch it is eliminated from his rear end to be shovelled up by a willing pooper scooper!

First few times we were in hysterics.  From 2 year old Freddy to the older kids to myself, we laughed as we willed the next pump to be the one to expel the day-glo yellow poop!  The kids were peeping up the business end waiting to see the doggie doo crown.  It was so funny!

Within a few days, the consistency of the dog food became so sticky that it clung to everything...clothes, hands, furniture...and it wouldn't go through the dog's innards at all.  Very quickly, doggy's digestive system failed to cope.  We resorted to blowing down his mouth hole to jet propel the poop (hilarious first few times!) to sticking a bamboo skewer up his bum to ease out the motion!  I felt like a canine proctologist. The residue building up inside made the toy impossible to use.  Also, the pumping handle started to fall off after a few uses and eventually a spring inside came loose.

At this point Ian decided to give the unusable toy an exploratory operation and took it apart.  The mechanism was completely unfixable and a plastic component had snapped inside, leaving a plastic dog, sticky poop and no pump!

All in all this is a five minute wonder.  It is hugely funny at first but the novelty soon wears off as it very quickly stops working and ends up completely broken.  Is £22.99 worth paying for such a short lived toy?  Probably not.  If you're one of the people who have this for your kids this year, enjoy it while it lasts.  Ours is now in the bin after 8 weeks.  Shame because this is almost genius.  The early laughs however were priceless...but that is easy to say when I didn't pay £22.99 of my hard earned cash for it!!


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