Saturday, 3 December 2011

Grandpa Chocolates and Pink Silky Dresses

This year is the first one that Freddy's had a real handle on what's going on.  So I was really looking forward to him joining in with Christmas preparations, such as making our annual family Christmas card.  Last year in the January sale I bought the sweetest shepherd's costume which came with a crook and fluffy sheep.  I had visions of my gorgeous boy looking like the angelic Little Shepherd who had 'nothing to give but love' to the baby Jesus.  Awww!!  So I prepared for my photo shoot full of the festive joys, anticipating the smiles on the grandparent's faces as they saw their grandson looking so cute.

However Fred had other ideas.  As I was getting the outfit out Freddy saw Kizzy's age 9-10 pink silk witch oufit and that was it.  No amount of cajoling or coaxing could convince him to put on the cute Shepherd's outfit when faced with the flamboyant pink dress with black net underskirt.  Even in his dress of choice, he did not want to co-operate at all, being more intersted in his new discovery....Grandpa Chocolates!  He has his first advent calendar this year and the picture of Santa is in Fred's words a Grandpa.  The concept of only having one Grandpa Chocolate a day is something that he is finding tricky to come to terms with.

So for my Christmas 2011 cards I give you my son, the Christmas Angel with his Grandpa Chocolates and pink silky dress.


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