Friday, 2 December 2011

Just Dance Kids

Since we've got ourselves an XBox Kinect we have been far more active as a family, jumping around in front of our TV and having fun!  What I really love is how 2 year old Freddy can join in with us without us worrying about him flinging an expensive controller across the room...or worse still through the TV!  He has got the idea of what he needs to do to play the games and his favourite genre is definitely Dance games, but they can be quite tricky to follow.

It is good to see Ubisoft coming up with a Dance Game that is aimed specifically at young children and their love of dancing.  Some of the adult games have complicated choreography that a child may struggle to do (heck...I struggle to do some of the moves!!)  So Just Dance Kids is a game designed just for them!

Featuring fun and simple routines with colourful backgrounds, children can dance along to pop hits, tunes from their favourite TV shows and classic nursery songs.  The moves are safe and easy, designed with kids in mind.  The game itself is simple to navigate with easy to use icons.  Kids get to dance along with fellow children on screen which is a cute touch.  A parent's section allows grown ups to choose the playlist and keep check on their child's progress, if they want to keep tabs on what their child is doing.  (Personally I prefer to join in too!!)

Just Dance Kids is available for XBox Kinect, PS3 Move and Wii.  The XBox allows 2 players head to head or in co-op mode, Move and Wii allow up to 4 players if you have enough controllers!

The whole family can join in and boogie to 40 favourite tunes such as Whip My Hair by Willow Smith,  Accidentally in Love from The Shrek movie, Jingle Bells, Jump Up! from The Imagination Movers and Song 2 by Blur!  It's a mixed bag of music that will appeal to kids of all ages as they strut their funky stuff!  It is very current and relevant to youngsters' tastes.

Kids can have fun and get exercise while playing on their favourite games consoles.  No more couch potato kids!  I applaud Ubisoft for creating a game that will get this younger generation up and moving from a very young age, rather than playing on a sedentary game.  It also teaches them a few moves to impress their mates at the school disco!
Just Dance Kids is available to buy at Amazon currently for £22.49 on Wii and Kinect and £37.39 on PS3.  Perfect as a Christmas present for a little one which will provide hours of fun!


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