Friday, 30 December 2011

Bakestone's Baker's Dozen

I have always been a fan of baked goods!  Bread, cake, buns and rolls hold a special space in my heart.  This is one of the reasons why I was very excited to become one of Bakestone's Baker's Dozen!  This means I am part of a team of bakery taste testers, who get to sample a monthly selection of delicious bready products that have been lovongly developed by the team at Bakestone.  It's a tough job but someon'es got to do it!

My first box of baked beauties arrived just before Christmas, so we had to scoff them quickly before we left to go on holiday.  But with my eager taste testers this was not a problem!  The box contained fruited teacakes, a brown and white sliced premium loaf and a selection of potato cakes.

The loaves were good medium sliced loaves that toasted well, made good sandwiches and lasted well. Each bag contained 24 slices plus crusts and were a good regular shape.  The bread didn't dry out over the 3 days that we used it.  That is pretty much what you want from sliced it ticked all the boxes required!  The premium loaves appear on shop shelves within 18 hours of baking, making it fresher with a taste that is second to none!

The fruited teacakes were Ian's favourite product.  The light doughy teacakes toasted up perfectly and were lovely served with butter.  Ample fruit ran through the teacake.  They were not spicy like a lot of teacakes are, which Ian really liked.  The taste of the dough and the dried fruit were the predominant flavours in these teacakes.  The quality of the ingredients shone through.

My favourite were the potato cakes.  In a twist of tradition, the potato cakes came in three flavours: Spring Onion, Leek and Bubble and Squeak.  They were amazing!  The addition of pieces of vegetable made them really tasty.  The Bubble and Squeak flavour were my top choice.  They tasted authentic and were an excellent accompaniment to my veggie fry up.  Sometimes potato cakes can have a tendency to being bland or heavy, not these ones!  They were light, tasty and perfect served toasted with butter, or topped with melted cheese or fried eggs.  The innovative addition to the potato cake market is definitely something that has excited me! Yum!!

I'm looking forward to next month's selection when we will have more time to savour the goodies and photograph serving suggestions etc!  Roll on my next delicious box of top-notch baked goods!


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