Thursday, 8 December 2011

Giggle Buddies

Just look at this cute little gorilla cuddly toy with his appealing face and fluffy fur!  He is adorable!  But there is more to this precious primate than meets the eye.  Clever motion sensor technology sets this cheeky chappy off giggling and whooping and wobbling his head around hysterically whenever anyone passes close by.  This makes him perfect for monkeying around and having fun!  He is one of the Giggle Buddies from Mint Toys and hotly tipped to be a big hit this Christmas.

There are other Giggle Buddies available, including a Frog, a Dog and a Pig.  All lovely to cuddle and hilarious to play with.  Each has its own unique sound and bounces around manically when the motion sensor is triggered. They are a perfect novelty gift for anyone aged 3 or up!  The kids will love them, or they will be a hit in the office!

Made by the same company that brought us Annoying Monsters,  it is another crazy, interactive toy.  You can't help but laugh along with them!  Thankfully though, it is easy to switch off when the giggling gets too much!

They sell for around £11-£14.99 from retailers such as Amazon, Play and Hawkin's Bazaar.   They will be great stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts!

Kizzy and Freddy thought the Giggle Buddies Gorilla that we were sent was hilarious. The infectious laughter and the crazy movement just makes you giggle!  If you're after a festive laugh you won't be disappointed!


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